Is pain stuck in your Body?

Is your pain stuck inside your body?

2 years ago, my son’s allergies came back full strength in the middle of summer.
For the past 7 years, we haven’t eaten any dairy products and we don’t have any carpet (or curtains) for that matter.
So I started searching again. We tried acupuncture before with no success when he was diagnosed with the allergy. Jacob was screaming so much, we were gently suggested to leave the clinic.

He is older now, I thought; let’s try it again since I was completely out of alternatives.
We took an appointment and as soon as he had 3 needles in his arm, and the doctor was out of the room, he started crying.
Not the cry of “Oh my God! I just hurt my big toe!” The kind of cry that comes from so deep that it gives you the chills.

I had never tried acupuncture at the time, so I jumped out of my chair and asked: “Does it hurt that much? What’s going on?”
“No mom, the needles don’t hurt.”

I sat back and waited. “Honey, what is going on then? Why are you crying?” Tears were rolling down my cheeks. I was really feeling his pain inside.
After about 2 minutes, that seemed like eternity, he said “It’s like a water torrent, inside.”

I waited some more.

“It’s maman Monique” he said in French “it’s when she died”. That’s how he called his grandmother, my husband’s mother, who passed away. Wait, have you guessed it? She passed the year Jacob started allergies, which lead to asthma, etc…
I was stunned. I had never made the link between the starting of his allergies and my mother-in-law’s passing.

So I waited until Jacob calmed down and then went out to see the acupuncturist. I said “What was that?” telling him what happened. He said “Well, congratulations! It happens sometimes. You are on your way to a fast recovery. But I will change the treatment from allergy to grief if you don’t mind; I think that this is the root to the allergy.”
We had 6 treatments, once every 2 weeks after that.

Jacob did not cry at all for all the following sessions but each time, on the way home, he was telling me how he felt when we lost his first dog, when the neighbor had his dog killed by a service man, etc…
He was keeping all of this inside.

We then spent the following fall season allergy free. Fall is usually his worst season.
I hope we all find what triggers pain, which sad emotion we keep inside. It creates pain.

Let it go,


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